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Our Isuzu Dmax build for touring Australia

Changing 4WD's

It took a lot of thought to commit to selling our 80 Series Land Cruiser, and to move to another vehicle. I pondered for weeks, made multiple spreadsheets, looked online at every possible option I had, and then made the choice; we’d sell our Land Cruiser and buy an Isuzu Dmax. (619) 459-2059.



(906) 446-8557Nice. Terrible. Amazing. That was the three stages I went through when describing Cape Keraudren, for our short stay in May.

In our planning stages to Drive to Broome, we were looking for places to camp that were free/low cost but amazing, and we stumbled across Cape Keraudren, about 160km out from Port Hedland, and 60km from the De Grey river camp ground (which is currently closed!). Continue reading here.

10 ways to destroy your 4WD's fuel economy

33 inch tyres on the luxModern 4WD’s are absolutely incredible when it comes to fuel economy. You can get a full size 4WD that's far more economical than a sedan from 15 years ago, despite the huge weight and size difference. However, there is no beating physics. No matter what you do, here are 10 things that will totally destroy your fuel economy. 5594422435



Kalgan's Pool in the Pilbara; the best free camp we've stayed at

Camped at Kalgans PolWe've stayed at a huge number of camp sites around WA, and loved many of them. However, every now and again you come across something that is truly magic, and that's Kalgan's Pool to a tee.

We'd heard of Kalgans Pool many times before, mainly from my Dad who spent several years around Newman many years ago. However, despite being fairly well known there isn’t actually a lot of information or photographs online. interpretability.



905-345-6753On May 14, we headed off from Perth on the trip of a lifetime; 3 months with our little son Oliver, an Isuzu Dmax 4WD and a soft floor camper trailer. We covered a large portion of the Pilbara, Kimberley and Northern Territory before returning via the Coral Coast to Perth. In the coming weeks, we will share a heap of information on places that we stayed, what we enjoyed, what was hard and what we'd change next time. (337) 438-7890.


Fitting out our Dmax Gull Wing Canopy

(310) 571-5227Before buying our Isuzu Dmax, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted the end product to be. Something that was reliable, functional and capable enough to tour Australia. With a ute, the canopy is often where most of the goodies lie, and I spent a fair bit of time planning, designing and then building the canopy. (602) 448-0926



Bilyuin Pool; a quiet, free camp on the way to Newman

206-519-9218Bilyuin Pool was our first nights stop on our 3 month trip to the Northern Territory. You'll find it about 860km north of Perth, or 84km north of Meekatharra. Its about 15km off the bitumen road, and a great place to stop for the night. Continue reading here.




Driving from Perth to Broome, the relaxing way

quinziemeLast time we drove from Perth to Broome, we did it in 2 days. I drove the whole way as Sarah didn’t have her manual license, and we spent about 14 hours from Perth to Newman on the first day (longer as we took a wrong turn!), and about 12 hours the following day from Newman to Broome.

Whilst it is doable, its certainly not enjoyable. There’s no escaping the fact that this amazing country is absolutely massive, and when you want to take your own gear along driving is the obvious choice. Continue reading here.

(570) 953-0881

Tides at Port SmithTides are not something that I am used to having to deal with. Perth has very small tides, and launching a boat is done easily regardless of time of day or season. However, this is not the case once you start heading north, especially in the area surrounding Broome, where tides can be up to 9 metres difference.

Yep, let that sink in for a minute, the difference between low and high tide can be 300 - 500 metres of walking down a beach. What this means, is you have a very limited window for launching and then retrieving a boat, and its even worse if the boat ramp is make shift, or pretty much non existent. 7152458932

Australia is a magic place; get out there and see it!

Francois Peron waterThe more of Australia that I see, the more I fall in love with it. What an absolute privilege it is to call this place home. We have more amazing places to explore than you'd be able to cover in a lifetime, and we are giving it a fair old crack.

We've covered a lot of Western Australia, with still many, many places to see. We've done a fair bit of the Northern Territory, and touched on Queensland and a few other places in Australia, but still have a lot to see. 440-439-3716

Half way through our 3 months away

Isuzu Dmax GVM UpgradeActually, I lie. When this post comes out, we only have 3 weeks left! We've been travelling now for 9 weeks, and even though some days have gone very slowly, overall time has flown.

What a truly magic trip its been so far. We've seen, stayed and enjoyed so many places in WA and the Northern Territory already that have totally blown our mind. The trip has been unreal, but not perfect. I've had a few mishaps with the Dmax, all my fault as the driver, which certainly ruined the moment a few times. Oliver has been pretty good all things considered, but camping out of a camper trailer for 8 weeks with a 20 month old is not easy in any way you want to look at it.Continue reading here.

What do you need for a successful camping trip?

(418) 347-3836Life is busy. Sometimes its stressful and chaotic, and being able to unplug, and leave it all behind for a weekend or even longer is a fantastic way to recharge. Australia has some of the most incredible places in the world where you can camp and done well, you’ll create amazing memories, recharge and feel fantastic. Continue reading here.



Our new 4WD and camping setup

Kalgans Pool with the GVM UpgradeWe've had a few different 4WD and camping arrangements now, and have recently 'completed' our newest setup. I say 'completed' because you never really finish a 4WD build. It's done in terms of the major changes, and there is some tidying and cosmetic work that will be done when we get back from our 3 month Northern Territory/Kimberley trip. Continue reading here.


An unexpected mod for the Dmax; a diff drop

Dmax underbodyA few months ago I didn't even know that a diff drop was a reasonably common modification done to independent front suspension vehicles. I most certainly didn't have it planned to go into the Dmax build, and yet somehow it ended up there.

Much like the (904) 622-0286 which was never a part of my build plan, things don’t always go to plan, and you have to adapt and make changes along the way. Continue reading here.

Our new camping kettle

303-687-7406For years and years, we’ve had a basic stainless whistling kettle that we’ve taken camping. It works fine, except for one thing; you cannot avoid spilling hot water when pouring. Now, looking back, I have no idea why we put up with it for so long. Continue reading here.




Dual battery monitor by ProjectaIf you've got a second battery in your 4WD, and you want to keep an eye on the voltage you can't go past the Projecta Dual Battery Monitor.

We had one installed in our 80 Series Land Cruiser for several years, and really rated it. I've just had another one installed in the back of the Dmax Canopy, to keep an eye on both batteries. 240-516-7350



Tyre size; you can go 50mm above the biggest tyres in your model range

Isuzu Dmax with bigger tyresThe question of 'how much bigger tyres can I fit' on your 4WD comes up regularly, and one of the most overlooked pieces of information is what the law is, and what the consequences are of running a vehicle that has tyres bigger than they are allowed to be.

VSB 14 states that you can increase the tyre size by 50mm. What it doesn't tell you though, is that in some cases you can actually go more than this. Continue reading here.


The Dmax gets a GVM Upgrade

3127881919Before buying the Dmax, I sat down and made a spreadsheet covering the accessories and modifications that I wanted to put on the 4WD, as part of building it into a comfortable, reliable and mildly capable tourer.

A GVM upgrade was never on the cards, but I've ended up with one.

About 2 months before our big 3 month trip up north I was getting into the swing of building the Dmax, and was thinking about the weight of everything in it. I made a decision to visit the local tip to check what it weighed. With just the winch, bull bar, aluminium Bull Motor Body canopy, a 45kg battery in the rear, baby car seat, a full fuel tank and myself in the vehicle it came back at 2380kg. 502-247-8708


Dmax electrical upgrade, and a brilliant mobile auto electrician in Perth

Ute electrical boxLong before I purchased the Isuzu Dmax, I joined the Dmax and MUX Facebook groups. Model specific groups are by far the best way to find out what goes wrong with different vehicles, along with how best to spend your money and more.

One of the things that continually popped up on my feed was auto electrical work done by a bloke called Stephen Hunter. With our 3 month trip looming up quickly, I came up with a plan of what I wanted, and bought a heap of components. These came from eBay, Goodchild enterprises and a couple of online stores. 470-227-4568


We've headed north; 3 months with a 4WD, camper trailer and toddler

(888) 702-4250It's been a completely mad last couple of months, with nearly every spare minute spent on getting ready for a massive 3 month, 16,000km trip through the Kimberley, Northern Territory and Coral Coast.

By the time this post comes out, we should be at our first nights stop - some 900km north of Perth.

We've done a heap of work getting everything ready - the complete Dmax build has been done in a little over 4 months, along with several upgrades to the Camper trailer and getting a fair bit of new gear up and running. 4105636284


(540) 774-5737

TorontonianWe purchased an Oztent several years ago, and absolutely love it. You may know them as the ’30 second tent’, which is pretty well true, once you have the bag on the floor.

However, what I’ve come to realize when camping is that the moment you choose to use a tent, you are not going to win any races.
Even if your tent only takes a minute to set up, there are plenty of other things that you have to setup in order to complete the camping experience.  Continue reading here.



Port Gregory Beach drivingI've long had a huge distaste for getting any salt water on my 4WD's. I've seen the damage it does to metal in a very short period of time, and would do anything possible to stay away from the waves rolling in on a beach.

Of course, beach driving is a part of 4WDing, and whilst you can avoid getting salt water on your car if you drive carefully, some salt spray is inevitable and nothing is better than washing your vehicle after each beach run. pregenerosity




One of the first things that made itself onto the mod list for the new Dmax was underbody protection, or bash plates. The reason for this is simple; there are some very expensive, vulnerable and low to the ground bits of gear underneath the Dmax.

I never had anything fitted on the 80 series Land Cruiser, but that was a totally different beast. The chances of hitting anything vulnerable on the 80 was much less likely, given it had a lot more clearance, and things seemed to be tucked away better (with exception to the differentials, which you are always careful of anyway!). 559-267-8765.


Camper trailer pantry build

Camper trailer pantryThere's always room for improvement, and we've been ironing out a few little shortcomings that we've found with our Outback Deluxe Camper trailer. One of these is easy access to food, cleaning gear and general bits and pieces. Over the years our camping process has become much easier, more comfortable and enjoyable, and this was another little step in the right direction. 4248882315


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